We welcome you to our two-day co-creating event.
 The intention with this event is to co-create a happening where we can meet, be and share our selves in peaceful surroundings. Our wish is to create a space where you can connect and reconnect with yourself and the people around you. Britt and Peer have put a lot of good energy in building and tending the farms facilities in order to prepare it for guests who need a break from the busy cities. We are excited to put it all into use, and share the farm with all you good people.
We invite you to think of a personal intention for your participation. Think of something that you wish into your life or something you wish to release yourself from and let go of. You can write it down in a notebook or a piece of paper and bring it, so that you do not have to remember it.
As the workshops all have a holistic or therapeutic angle to them, you can chose to use this event to do some personal work on a consciousness and/or spiritual level. Maybe you are curious to discover new sides of yourself and broaden your horizon. Maybe you already have questions or issues in your life that you wish answered and solved; or maybe you simply just want to enjoy and have fun by giving yourself a new experience. In any case, you are welcome to bring in and work with whatever it is this weekend.
Participation in the workshops offered are 100% voluntary. If you feel a need to be by yourself, feel free to spend your time in the appointed areas.
If you have any questions before or during the event please contact us for more information.