If you are holding a meeting, workshop, lecture, group training or the like, dharma retreats have the opportunity to rent a suitable room for this. The room can accommodate 8-15 people, depending on what it is to be used for.

Together with the room there is free access to kitchenette, toilet / bath, internet, speakers, fire pit and other facilities on the farm.

If you want to offer your participants accommodation, this is included in the price if the room is rented for min. 1 day.

For free use:

10 folding mattresses + 10 yoga mats

Daily price (kl. 09.00-17.00): 1600 DKK
Evening price (kl. 17.00-22.00): 1200 DKK
24 hour price: 3000 DKK (Various accommodation options)

Rental of duvets + bed linen can be purchased.

Cleaning is included in the price.

Contact us for more information regarding renting rooms. Phone number 004553608194