Dharma Retreats

With roots in central Jutland, Dharma Retreats is located on the idyllic Bruunsgaarden. The place, with its beautiful surroundings, opens the doors to a free space where tranquility, nature and community are at the center. On the farm there is also ample opportunity to get in close contact with animals, be gathered around campfire fun and accommodation in shelters.

With its wide range of activities, Dharma Retreats offers different types of treatment, workshops and other events. All with the purpose of creating space, life and presence around what is easily overheard and disregarded in a busy everyday life. It is our opinion that we as human beings thrive and develop best when we remember to also prioritize the things that bring smiles to our faces.

Dharma is an Indian Sanskrit word and means “the right way”. When we live by and are in harmony with our life purpose, then we are true to our unique Dharma.

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Read more about what we offer





Behind Dharma Retreats,
I have my roots planted firmly in the central Jutland topsoil, where I live on a daily basis at Bruunsgarden or the navel of the world, as I call my residence. The desire is to make the world a slightly brighter, livelier and more joyful place to be.

Most importantly for me, the people who cross this road are left with the feeling that there was room for them to come and be whole. To be able to provide such a space for free expression, we believe, paves the way for a more harmonious existence. In the individual and collectively.

I have been around the extremes of life, where I have gathered an understanding of some of the elements that many have to go through. The extremes and not least the steps back, to a healthier self, have given us perspectives, strength and humility that we ourselves believe help to show a great spaciousness and not least charity.

Below you can read more about those who take part in Dharma.



Jeg er slet ikke i tvivl om at alt hvad Michelle tilbyder er guld værd. I kropsbehandlingen går michelle intuitiv ind og fanger der hvor tingene sidder og løsner op på flere plan derved. Hun har en ro og en tilstedeværelse der automatisk gør men slapper af og kan tage imod. Hendes nærvær og omsorg gør man trygt kan slappe af, åbne op og giver slip. Desuden er Michelle sådan en person der stråler indefra og hendes smil lyser et rum op, så man kan kun går fra hende med smil på læben og ro i kroppen. Jeg kan kun på det varmeste anbefale Michelle.
– Ann

Smuk og interessant oplevelse Dharma Retreat Centers. Særligt gjorde de to facilitatorers engagement og nærvær indtryk, og netop dette indbød til tryghed for sindets nysgerrige rejse ind i sig selv, samt i forhold til rejsens nysgerrighed på omgivelserne.
– Ronni Christensen

I dag var min første gang til behandling hos Bettina. Jeg blev mødt af et kæmpe smil og en varm og meget professionel behandler. Jeg har prøvet mange former for behandling i mit liv men jeg er helt blæst bagover. Samtidig fik vi nogle gode snakke om, hvordan krop og sind hænger sammen. Min næste behandling er allerede booket. De varmeste anbefalinger herfra.
– Helle Toft Christensen